On the 30th of September, StiFi released their third album ‘Westway (The Glitter and the Slums).

sticky_westwayYou can read Music Feed’s Review here, where they touch on the bands past, their near breakup and what their new album entails.

N: I honestly really love this album, I fell in love with StiFi a long time ago and just having new music is great! I pre-ordered their album and realized I didnt even have a CD player in my car or anywhere so I still had to download it, which was pretty stupid but anywaaaayyyssssss. This album has raw emotion put into it and has been produced amazingly. My favourite song would have to be ‘One by One’, although I don’t want to be typical because it is the first track on the album, it is my favourite because it reminds me of why I fell inlove with StiFi. The upbeat tune is perfect for car rides anywhere and puts me in a good mood! I’d probably rate this album a solid 9/10.

D: I’m not really into this type of music at all, but I listened to it for Midweek Musics’ sake and I don’t really like this album. I’m not into ‘indie band’ music and never have been. Although I do agree with Noelle, ‘One by One’ does have a good beat and I’ve been forced to listen to it in the car with Noelle, I wouldn’t choose to listen to this on a regular day…


Have a listen below to Westway (The Glitter and the Slums)!



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