Midweek Debate!

So this weeks album debate is….


Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’!blonde_-_frank_ocean

After four years of silence Frank Ocean has finally made a comeback! He released Blonde on August 20th this year, after months of rumours, false release dates and a cryptic live stream of a minimalist space. Nobody was really sure if he would ever come back into the music world, but eventually we did receive! Have a look at an album review from Pitchfork here.


After waiting for so long I was so excited for this albums release! I think its a great album although I believe a few songs are a hit and miss, overall its probably one of the best RnB albums released this year. I love Franks music style and just waiting for him to drop this album was very nerve racking! The live stream he set up was really interesting and definitely made everyone understand music. My favourite song on Blonde would probably have to be ‘Self Control’.


Unlike Noelle, I wasn’t itching on this album release. Yes, I do like Frank Oceans music but not enough to countdown until its release. This album is a pretty good album – it was expected of Frank ocean to produce something amazing after ‘Channel ORANGE’ and I think he’s nearly done just that. My favourite song on the album is ‘Solo’ because its pretty upbeat and a good song to listen to in the car.

Have a listen to ‘Blonde’ on Spotify below!


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