Ariana Grande released her 2016 album ‘Dangerous Woman’ on May 20th with it reaching number eight on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Australian ARIA charts.



D: I really like Ariana’s music and this album was definitely one of my favourites! Her vocals are amazing throughout this album and the songs are actually really amazing. This album is great to listen to in the car or even anywhere, really. My favourite song would have to be ‘Bad Decisions’. I rate this album a 8.9/10.


N: I’ve never like Ariana Grande and probably never will, although I must admit her song ‘Side to Side’ is very catchy because it’s overplayed on the radio everyday, but other than that I’m definitely not a fan of this album or any of her other music, I just find Ariana Grande to be a very fake and annoying person which turns me off her released music…


Have a listen to her album below!



On the 30th of September, StiFi released their third album ‘Westway (The Glitter and the Slums).

sticky_westwayYou can read Music Feed’s Review here, where they touch on the bands past, their near breakup and what their new album entails.

N: I honestly really love this album, I fell in love with StiFi a long time ago and just having new music is great! I pre-ordered their album and realized I didnt even have a CD player in my car or anywhere so I still had to download it, which was pretty stupid but anywaaaayyyssssss. This album has raw emotion put into it and has been produced amazingly. My favourite song would have to be ‘One by One’, although I don’t want to be typical because it is the first track on the album, it is my favourite because it reminds me of why I fell inlove with StiFi. The upbeat tune is perfect for car rides anywhere and puts me in a good mood! I’d probably rate this album a solid 9/10.

D: I’m not really into this type of music at all, but I listened to it for Midweek Musics’ sake and I don’t really like this album. I’m not into ‘indie band’ music and never have been. Although I do agree with Noelle, ‘One by One’ does have a good beat and I’ve been forced to listen to it in the car with Noelle, I wouldn’t choose to listen to this on a regular day…


Have a listen below to Westway (The Glitter and the Slums)!




This week while David and I were chatting away, we realised we needed to make a solid playlist for our drives down to Wollongong, so here you go! Have a listen, it has lots of throwbacks, classics and of course sing along songs featured!


Midweek Debate!

So this weeks album debate is….


Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’!blonde_-_frank_ocean

After four years of silence Frank Ocean has finally made a comeback! He released Blonde on August 20th this year, after months of rumours, false release dates and a cryptic live stream of a minimalist space. Nobody was really sure if he would ever come back into the music world, but eventually we did receive! Have a look at an album review from Pitchfork here.


After waiting for so long I was so excited for this albums release! I think its a great album although I believe a few songs are a hit and miss, overall its probably one of the best RnB albums released this year. I love Franks music style and just waiting for him to drop this album was very nerve racking! The live stream he set up was really interesting and definitely made everyone understand music. My favourite song on Blonde would probably have to be ‘Self Control’.


Unlike Noelle, I wasn’t itching on this album release. Yes, I do like Frank Oceans music but not enough to countdown until its release. This album is a pretty good album – it was expected of Frank ocean to produce something amazing after ‘Channel ORANGE’ and I think he’s nearly done just that. My favourite song on the album is ‘Solo’ because its pretty upbeat and a good song to listen to in the car.

Have a listen to ‘Blonde’ on Spotify below!


Music itself is a powerful medium. Throughout our society, music and their sub genres play an influential role in shaping our culture and lives we live. Through the constant evolution of new sounds, genres and artists, numerous benefits are created with the access to diverse types of compositions. Stanford ran a study on music and its engagement with areas of the brain, stating higher levels of performance in well being, attention, predictions, and updating events in memories were made with the influence of music on individuals. Although listening to music won’t make you smarter, research has shown that music can have positive influences in other ways.


“Shared brain resources of a music-motor imagery task and a mental calculation task. The functional magnetic resonance image on the left (A) shows significant activations of an fMRI experiment in which subjects were asked to imagine playing scales and short music phrases with their right hand compared to a visual imagery task of 4 objects. Contrasting motor imagery (MI) with visual imagery (VI) showed bilateral activations in the superior parietal lobe as well as around the intraparietal sulcus (IPS), medial superior precuneus region, premotor region, and the supplementary motor area (SMA). Significant activations are superimposed onto a standardized brain. The functional magnetic resonance images on the right (B) show the activation pattern of a mental subtraction task in which the subtraction task was contrasted with a letter-naming task (Chochon,1999). It is interesting to see the similarity in the activation pattern, in particular with regard to the parietal lobe activation.” (Stanford 2010)

This study shows that the body’s stress levels are able to drop due to a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. Along with this, listening to upbeat music can increase the chart-question-4number of antibodies in your system which are crucial to identifying and eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses. Listening to cheerful music can distract you enough to take away your anxiety and help you perform better. This idea is that because music is represented by different areas of the brain, it can access deeper neural pathways. “Music then helps patients connect the stored knowledge of words through songs and helps create the new connections needed for speech. This same idea has been used for stroke victims in the past.” Music’s an example of this can refer to the hippocampus, as it may also implicate Alzheimer’s patients. With it’s positive benefits, an incorporation of music throughout within this project was a great way in ensuring a positive social reaction to digital artefact.



One of the reasons Kanye West inspires such a devoted following is that, despite all of the changes in his life and in his music, we can still recognize him as the same character he was when his story began. He is his own muse. When West debuted as a solo artist, in 2004, he came across as an ‘Everyman’ whose petty arrogance masked a deeper set of insecurities. With each new project, West was curious and questing: sometimes he seemed like a grad student fresh from an art-history seminar; at other times, he spoke like an executive at a Silicon Valley management retreat. Whatever his world view in a given moment, he always wanted, desperately, to share it.

The main difference between then and now is that West has long since surpassed his early dreams. Last Thursday, he premièred his seventh solo album, “The Life of Pablo,” at Madison Square Garden, alongside a large-scale performance piece by the Italian conceptual artist Vanessa Beecroft. The event was streamed online and simulcast to movie theatres in the United States and Europe. Rows of models dressed in West’s Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection stood in formation onstage, doing their best not to acknowledge West’s album as it rang through the arena. After “Pablo” concluded, West and his friends took turns plugging devices into the sound system and playing their favourite new songs.

Continue reading “PABLO OR KAYNE ?”



Drake’s fourth album ‘Views’, arrives on the wave of huge crossover hits ‘Hotline Bling’ and ‘One Dance’, with a running time of 81 minutes – Drake’s longest yet, this is set to be his biggest album to date. Originally titled ‘Views From The 6’ after his nickname for Toronto, his hometown is a recurring theme, as it’s influence is noted through many songs like ‘Still here’ stating “Blew up and I’m in the city still, I’m still here, dog,”.

The Toronto rapper and singer got his big break in 2009, back when describing someone as both a rapper and a singer still seemed like a way to undermine his credibility. However that didn’t stop him, as his new album gained wild chart and sales success. On the cover he poses high up on Toronto’s CN Tower—an image of loneliness at the top. “All of my ‘let’s just be friends’ are friends I don’t have anymore,” he croons on “Keep the Family Close,” one of the many songs on the album which function as autopsies for relationships past. Maybe there was something there? Probably not, he concludes, comparing a certain woman to a Chrysler designed to fool passersby into thinking it’s a Bentley.


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